Incmantra is founded by passionate professionals with diverse experience across the world and the wisdom to nurture startups and address the gaps to create successful enterprises. The team has 85+ years of collective experience in advising, strategic consulting and operating companies in leadership roles.

Jason Stephen Morais

Co-Founder and Advisor

Jason Stephen Morais owns and runs multiple ventures in management consulting, startup advisory, technology, transportation, sports, clothing, procurement and manufacturing to name a few industries. He currently works at the government level in many countries in the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe. He is the Managing Director for Genèse Consulting, owns factories in China and Thailand, and is partner in Gold City Asia, one of the largest procurement firms in Asia doing millions of dollars in revenue. In his previous avatar as Managing Director of U-Turn Tax Refund, a cross border taxation firm, he grew it from 0 to about $100 MM in revenue, from 3 to over 300 employees across 35 countries around the world.

Prior to that at QSi (Qatar Sports Investments, the investment arm of the Qatar government), he was in charge of business development, where he helped grow the asset base from $ 2 B to over $ 10 B in under 4 years! There he was part of a few high profile deals like the sponsorship deal with Barcelona (Lionel Messi’s team) and the acquisition of Paris Saint-Germain, one of the most popular football teams. He has also helped raise over $ 2.5 B for startups and greenfield projects. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Madras and an MBA in Finance and International Business.

Fundraising, International Expansion, Business Strategy, Operations, Sales, Marketing and Brand Positioning, Licensing, and Branding

Ashish Mehta

Managing Partner – Blockchain, IoT & Cybersecurity

Ashish has extensive experience in cybersecurity, blockchain, web development, IT management, financial markets and the energy industry. He currently serves as Chairman of the Blockchain Working Group & is a part of the IoT Leadership Team for the Cloud Security Alliance. In that capacity, he is responsible for pushing their multiple research efforts as well as coordinating with multiple industry factors, organizing Test Benches for startups & presenting their research at multiple international forums like Planet Blockchain Dubai.

He also serves as an Advisor to the Government of Kerala's Blockchain Initiative (KBA). He serves as an advisor to multiple blockchain startups and is a part of Technology Analyst Panels like Dimensional Research and Aberdeen. He has served as an IT management and cybersecurity professional for multiple SMEs across UAE, India and USA for over a decade prior to starting his own cybersecurity consultancy.

He was awarded with the Ron Knode Award for Cybersecurity Best practices at Sec-Tor, Toronto, Canada in 2017. He is a Co-Author of Books on BPX (SAP) & OCEG RedBook(GRC). He holds multiple certifications in the fields of IT, cybersecurity, blockchain and IoT. He has a special research interest in quantum computing & IoT defensive techniques. He has been interviewed by Leading Technology Journals like Iot-Inc. and is a paid blogger for technology and financial publications like Internet Evolution, Enterprise Efficieny, Investor Uprising, EBNonline, etc. He has co-authored and written multiple articles on energy policy including on the upcoming PetroYuan Shift for Regional Indian Publications. Ashish completed his B.Tech (Hons) in Electrical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur and M.Sc in Cryptography with a Minor in Technology Strategy from Columbia Business School, NY

Technology, IoT, Internet & CyberSecurity, BlockChain, HyperLedger, Ethereum, Ripple, Cryptography, Full Stack Development, Web Applications, Mobile Applications, Java, Node JS, React, Angular JS, Python

Srinivas Yeluri

Project Director
Srinivas Yeluri has an MS in Software Systems from BITS Pilani with 20+ years of Technical and Managerial experience in the UK and India. Rich experience in handling various software projects. Started an IT company and provided software services to various clients in the Banking and Aviation sectors. Provided mentorship and consultancy to various businesses in the software domain.

Project Management, Technical Mentorship, Application Development and Delivery